My Journey So Far

I am a passionate 23 year old from Melbourne, Australia. My name is Jayden but my friends and family call me "Jay" (you may, too). Growing up I was briefly called "JJ Noodles" after the snack and consequently made my first email address that very name (it was a dark time)...

Throughout my years at university I was most interested in identity design and branding. When I first applied for my Bachelor of Communication Design at Monash University in 2013 I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. To become a graphic designer was my dream job and it still is. If there's something I've learnt being in the industry however, it's that 'graphic design' is just too general a job title for what I want to become. I want to be a designer of people's ideas, an architect of innovation and an initiator of change. I want my design to not only alter people's perception of the world, but alter the world itself. I believe that we, as designers, have the tools to do just that. As one of my inspirations, Chris Maclean, creative director at RE, once said at a talk I attended, be authentic, make it relevant and most importantly, design for a purpose. When I design, they are the three key points I relay in my head.

In my role as a Graphic Designer for FanHub Media as well as freelancing for numerous clients around Melbourne – both large and small – I get to put this into practice. Currently,  I take pride in connecting fans to their specified sport through designing official fantasy sporting games to name one.

When I'm not thinking about design (because let's face it, it's exhausting work) I'm watching the footy and hanging out with mates. For fun, I run an Instagram page with two other friends called @the_burger_bible where we venture around Melbourne in search for the best burger. It's hard but rewarding work... It also gives me a good excuse to check out some of Melbourne's logo scene. I'm a hopeless identity buff and tragic business card collector, I've built up a nice stash of business cards not only from burger joints but from places all over Melbourne. The idea of a business trying to capture their very essence in one small item of design intrigues me.